ACER Aspire 4520 tried to kill me…….(1)

My supervisor wanted to buy a new laptop since her old one cracked at the screen flip. She asked my suggestion about which laptop that suit her need and her budget. So, based on those, I tried to make a list consisted of some laptops. Without telling me anything, she tried to find by herself too.

After one day passed by, we met again and after struggling in deciding her chosen one, we met an agreement that she should buy Acer Aspire 4520 without an Operating System on it since she will use Linux onto it. By this time….we just started to socialize Edubuntu here.

This laptop important specifications were

Processor : AMD Turion 64 X2 Mobile Technology TL-58 ( 1.9GHz, 1MB L2 cache )
Chipset : NVIDIA nForce 610M ( MCP67-MV )
RAM : 1GB DDR2 667MHz
Graphic : NVIDIA GeForce 7000M
Wireless : Atheros 5007EG
LAN : GigaByte
Sound : Realtek High Definition Audio
Hard Drive : 80GB
Additional : Card Reader, WebCam, DVD-Super Multi, Bluetooth

She called the store and agreed about the price and everything, including ship it to our place ( nowhere of sugarcane fields ). We just have to wait for about three working days and the package came. Later, this package became a great nightmare of mine…..!!!!

I started to work on this 4520, I formatted first and make new partition tables on the disk. After that, I tried to install a Linux distro which was Edubuntu-7.04 on it. Amazingly…….stucked at the beginning. I assumed that maybe this variant was too old to be installed in this new laptop. Then I switch to install thi laptop with Microsoft Operating System. I tried XP first, It worked okay until I found out that there was no driver at all. The provider included an installation DVD in the package, but…it’s for Vista ( huaaaa…..i am in misery now )

I tried to find a vista cd ( trial version ) everything was fine and all drivers worked. But the owner of this laptop complained that she would not buy a Vista….she will use Linux on it or at least XP on it. Damned……..I installed XP once again to this laptop. Then jump to the Internet to find a solution about my problem.

Finally, I found a way out………after couple of days; XP graphic driver was taken from……
and the rest of drivers taken from……

My ass is temporarily safe now, at least she can work with her new laptop even in XP environment. Since this day, she kept asking about installing Linux onto her laptop. And since this day…i started my long journey to solve this.

Next Mission : Pump a Linux into Acer Aspire 4520




  1. I have triied putting all the information about this latop here. The webpage URL is:
    I hope it helps all the new buyers.

  2. Dear Bloger,

    Hello! I’ve been ripped-off thinking this stupid waste of money Unaspire4520 was, as the advertising said, for the linux os.

    After having the linpus 9.2 version accidently erased, I was given knoppix livecd 3.6(corrupted; + 5 or 6 other os’s possibly too old to find the sata hdd), at least to test the display. I also tried knoppix livecd 3.9(actually 3.4), ubuntu livecd 7.10, corel 6.1 off a magazine, redhat 6.2 & some other linux’s including, just last night, linpus 9.5 final release from the internet.

    Every one of them failed to get it working as it supposed to!

    I seem to keep seeing 2 penguins everytime I try to get ‘m to boot. Some boot with no sound, don’t boot, or install but hang at boottime.

    I need help desperately, or I’m gonna return it for a refund & buy a linux laptop!

  3. I tried the latest Ubuntu 8.04 and it works well except for the wifi driver, it need extra effort to make it work ( avaiable in ).

    Yes, there is a bit problem in version belon 7.10, but if i’m not mistaken, there are also solution for that in the forum above.

    Good luck!

  4. thx Akonx…and you’re right…..i also have a post about 4520 using ubuntu….ok on gutsy and nicer on hardy…..


  5. Did you try going into the BIOS and turning SATA mode from AHCI to IDE?

  6. I got 4520 too. It’s true that 4520 should attract more “advance” users because of its features – and sadly – it’s now even called “should” be for Linux experts because nearly no Linux distros run perfectly with just simple clean install. You have still do something on it before running nearly well!

    I’ve tried so many distros, and none of them until today satisfy my need. At least running like Windows (with XP drivers from

    PCLinuxOS 2007 boots, but no sound. Mandriva 2007 boots, but no network, can’t dial up). Ubuntu 7.10, forth, and all its derivatives run almost well, but no wifi (you have to use ndiswrapper), and even worse: unsolved power problems.

    I’ve been using Linux Mint 5 Elyssa for 6 months now. It is the best thing I can do now. For most Linux users (not experts), even Elyssa can be a nightmare. VGA driver ok, can load Compiz, wifi ok via ndiswrapper. But this laptop can’t be suspended or hibernated or it will freeze! There are exhausing discussion about this through forums with no results. More, the brightness of the screen always turns 0 at bootup (this will be quite annoying).

    A week ago, I tried to switch to Mandriva 2009 which is known for its hardware compability over various items, but it even freeze during bootup!

    I’m waiting for Kubuntu 8.10, I hope the new kernel will bring us magic.

  7. It run almost perfect using Ubuntu 8.0.4
    but it needs something to do to display the LCD projector 🙂


  8. Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. 🙂 Cheers! Sandra. R.

    • thanks sandra…..
      i think i have abandoned this site…….
      since i moved to

      about acer4520….now it has no problem at all, JJ runs so well

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