My first writing……

After so long time, finally i can create a blog.Before i started to make this blog, i didn’t even care about a thing called “blog”. I don’t know why……? But after time passed by, i found out that a blog can help some people in searching for something that could be useful to them. I stated that because it’s based on my own experiences.

Since i moved here, in middle of nowhere, i have difficulties in updating my knowledge. I am so lucky since my institution provided us with 24-hours Internet connection. For me, this is like jump directly to heaven even until now, people around me still confuse about “is the Internet useful or not ?”. For me, it depends on that person itself. If they want a bad thing; Internet provides it, if you want a good useful thing; Internet also provides it.

I started to look at a blog ( accidentally ) when i had difficulties in working with Edubuntu and setting up the wireless connection here. I found the sollution of my problems on a blog. From that point, i started to think about “should i make a blog, too ?”

Next thing was, I like to record every problems that i solved into a journal. This journal is personally mine. I also think about “what if i share my journal ?”

Now, you can see that i am blogging!. I made this blog to help people like what other people helped me from their blog, also to publish my journal contains about some little things that i solved through bloody-sweat try an errors and also maybe i will put personal stories of mine, my family, friends and foes.

I think this is enough as my first writing….i am thinking about adding my blog items now



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  1. Cie ile,…
    Foe nya saha ?

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