Edubuntu Installation……(1)

Edubuntu is a Linux distribution which came from Debian – Ubuntu. This distribution was dedicated to educational environment. To install Edubuntu into our computer, at least we have the LiveCD. I always download 3 CDs every time it released the new one ( 1 LiveCD, 1 Server CD, 1 Add-on CD ). I used Edubuntu-7.10 ( Gutsy Gibbons ) now.

For further info about Edubuntu : –>
For getting the ISOs : –>

For Indonesian, it’s better to get the ISOs from : –>
Ship it can be ordered from : –>

Now, let’s start the installation process.

By holding the Edubuntu LiveCD, boot the computer and jump into the BIOS setting to set the boot sequence. It has to boot from CD ( make CD-ROM as the first boot ). After BIOS setting finished, save the latest change, put the CD into the tray and reboot the computer.

Choose “Start or install Edubuntu” at the menu, then wait until the booting process finish and the Edubuntu desktop appeared.
In this state, there are two things that i can do. First, exploring this desktop, second….jump to the installation process.

To start the installation, Double-click on the install icon

Now………Here’s the installation menu ( 7 steps )

1 of 7 : Welcome screen ( Just by default; use English for installation language ) then click forward button

2 of 7 : Where are you ? ( select your city and time zone ) then click forward button

3 of 7 : Keyboard Layout ( Choose U.S. English for both panels ) then click forward

4 of 7 : Prepare disk space, Choose manual since we already prepare the partition and click forward button. Installation will display the partition structure and then click on an ext3 partition which we had made, Click edit partition, change the mount point to “/” then press ok button. Still on that partition, checked on the format box. Choose the next partition which we had made as swap, Click on Edit partition, change the type to swap and press ok, Click on forward button for the next steps

5 of 7 : Migrate documents and setting, just pass it on by clicking forward button

6 of 7 : Who are you ? ( type down your user name, password and computer name ) then click forward button

  7 of 7 : Ready to install ( click install button ) Now i just have to wait until the installation finished and asked me to restart. press the restart now button

    Restart time !! ( remove the CD from the tray )



After the computer restart. There are some action that we have to take to finish this installation.

1. set the network connection; Go to System – Administration – Network

2. Reload the repository serve; Go to System – Administration – Software Source ( checked on every box then click close to reload the repository )

3. install the basic supporting packages; i will install NTFS Configuration Tool, GStreamers, K3b and XMMS. Go to Applications – Add/Remove; type down the package title and show at all available applications ( check on the related applications and then press apply button to download and install it ) – for this item, i have an alternative way i will tell you later 😀

4. install the add-ons applications ( can be done from Add-Ons CD or from Applications – Add/Remove )

I am finished with my Edubuntu installation !!



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  1. I can help you with screenshoot if you want,..

    mailed me or call me ,.. i’ll make it for you,.. fresh from the oven,.. hahaha

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