Partition Manager

Everybody who wanted to split the drive into some partition will use this kind of program. Last time, i just only knew that we can divide the disk using fdisk at the beginning of windows installation. But know…….there are so many partition managers we could find on the Internet. Licensed or free one.

I used Gparted now, i like this because it is LiveCD and free, i just have to boot from the CD ( or even Flashdisk ) then i can manage the disk partition.
For detail info about GParted : –>
For getting the LiveCD / Flashdisk : –>

How to use GParted ? ( i wrote this based on my own experiences )

I had a computer with a 60GB disk and i already had Windows XP on it, i wanted to add a data partition, a linux partition and of course a swap partition.

Firstly, i downloaded the LiveCD ISO and burned it to a CD, then set the computer to boot from the CD ( BIOS Setting ). Insert the CD into the tray and start to boot. A “grub like” screen will appear and just press enter to run the default option ( the first menu ). From here, i just have to wait until the Gparted window appears. If there is a question appears, just press the enter to choose default option.

Next, i faced the GParted panel and i have to make sure that the partition has a boot flag. If there was no boot flag….don’t continue at least this is an empty drive. I had a bad experience about this…..loose everything since i pushed an un-flag partition.

– right click on the partition and choose resize/move, resize it to 15GB ( this will shrink my windows partition )

– the partition was shrink now and had another new partition appeared, right click on the new empty partition, choose new, make it as logical, resize to 35GB and the type is NTFS ( for all data )

– right click on the next new partition, choose new, make it logical, resize to 8.9GB and the type is ext3 ( for Linux partition )

– right click on the last new partition, choose new and make it as swap

– Let GParted finish the job by click on apply button at the menu panel

– Wait until GParted finished and then restart the computer.

– My disk had divided to 4 partitions



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