Bring back my (missing) GRUB

This was happened when a friend of mine wanted to install PCLinuxOS into his machine. The installation was successful, but he came back a day after it and complained that his Microsoft Windows could not be booted. We decided to re-install the Windows even I minded with the fact that we have to re-install PCLOS also.

We installed Microsoft Windows into his machine, but I insisted not to re-installed his PCLOS. I went to Google and found a way to bring the Grub back, but in Ubuntu version. Since we just re-installed the windows, we decided to try this way out….no matter what it’s cost !!

Thanks to our guts…….we succeeded in bringing the Grub back

Here’s the steps;

  • boot by using Linux live CD, go to terminal and run –>> sudo grub
  • you’re in grub menu now, then type –>> find /boot/grub/stage1
  • It will display your grub position, example (hd0,4) or (hd0,5)
  • Then type –>> root (hd*,*) — ( replace the * with your grub position – (hd0,4))
  • Then type –>> setup (hd0)
  • The above statement will replace your windows MBR configuration
  • Then close the grub menu by typing –>> quit
  • Reboot your machine –>> sudo reboot
  • Above steps are only for Ubuntu clans, for others : without sudo

Thanks to ZIK for donating me this problem !


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