How to upgrade Edubuntu

I made this document after i did some Edubuntu upgrades from Feisty(7.04) to Gutsy(7.10)

In doing the system upgrade, there are 3 ways;

  1. Online upgrade from the Internet
  2. Offline upgrade from the latest version of Edubuntu CD(s)
  3. Re-install your Edubuntu.

1. Online Upgrade :

This method is not really a recommended one ( if you have problem with the bandwidth of your internet connection), because it will download a huge capacity of files from the internet, but if you have a good internet connection, maybe you can try this out.
Just go to Applications – Add/Remove and click on upgrade button and after that wait until all the processes finished

2. Offline Upgrade :

  1. Insert the latest Edubuntu bin-1 CD
  2. Autorun dialog box will appear and choose start package manager
  3. Click on Mark all upgrades
  4. Click Apply button
  5. When you asked about including online installation, choose NO for now, you can do this later
  6. Read the notification boxes, click next buttons to proceed
  7. Restart the computer
  8. Do edubuntu (offline) installation ( from main packages installation step).

3. Re-install your Edubuntu :

  1. Make sure that you do not have any document in your Linux partition.
  2. If you have, move all your Linux data to windows partition
  3. Do How to install
  4. Edubuntu ( can be combined with edubuntu (offline) installation.
  5. Finished ( you may restart the computer )


Happy Upgrade !!

Thanks to AZH, HEN, ERY




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