AVG for Linux

AVG is an Antivirus application which can we use for free. It was developed by Grisoft company

For more Information –> http://free.grisoft.com/
to download it (win) –> avg75free_503a1205.exe
to download it (lin) –> http://free.grisoft.com/doc/5390/us/frt/0?prd=afl
to update manually –> http://free.grisoft.com/doc/update/us/frt/0

I used the windows version on some machines and Linux (deb) version on mine. And this article was for the Linux one. I downloaded the avg75fld-r49-a1130.i386.deb first, the size was up to 42MB. Then i just installed it by double click on that file.
After the installation finished, go to Applications – Accesories – AVG for Linux Workstation to open the AVG panel. We can scan our files from this panel but i do not know how to clean and update the AVG using this panel.

In order to update and cleaning process, it can be done from Applications – Accesories – Terminal

  • Online update : sudo avgupdate -o
  • Download update : sudo avgupdate -d
  • Offline update : sudo avgupdate -f /home/username/Desktop
  • Virus Scanning : sudo avgscan -scan /media/win_c
  • Smart Scan : sudo avgscan -smart /media/win_c
  • Heuristic Scan : sudo avgscan -heur /media/win_d
  • Virus Cleaning : sudo avgscan -clean /media/win_d
  • type sudo avgscan -h or sudo avgupdate -h for more

To save the bandwidth, instead of downloading the update per units. We can download the update files onto one computer and then share it, so others can update AVG offline.

The way to do this :

  1. go to Applications – Accesories – Terminal
  2. type : sudo avgupdate -d ( wait until it’s finished )
  3. type : cd /opt/grisoft/avg7/var/update/download and press Enter
  4. type : mv *.* /home/username/Desktop ( update files will be in the desktop )
  5. update this unit first; sudo avgupdate -f /home/username/Desktop
  6. close the terminal by typing exit
  7. go to desktop and copy *.ctl and *.bin onto a folder
  8. share that folder to others or put that folder to a sharing folder
  9. other units can copy this folder and do offline update from that folder

To update(online) automatically :

  1. go to Applications – Accesories – Terminal
  2. type : sudo vi /etc/crontab
  3. go to the last line and hit “i” button
  4. add a line –> 30 7 * * * root avgupdate -o (daily update at 7:30am)
  5. close and save by press Esc and then ZZ <– upcase!!

I wrote this article for you who had Microsoft OS and Linux OS active dually in your computer. Just in case; if your Microsoft OS antivirus can not detect or clean a virus, you can scan and clean it from Linux by using AVG for Linux



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