Set the compiz and kiba-dock up…

We can not say no when Microsoft Windows Vista released, it was something. Vista offers animated desktop which were able to run smoothly and well since Vista required higher resources such as processor, RAM, Harddisk and display card.
It seemed that Linuxers do not want to be left behind in animating the desktop. Even more that that, Linux can also looked like Mac OS X Leopard (read on mac4lin_make_linux_look_like_a_mac).

To make my desktop looks like Vista, I used compiz and kiba-dock, and i would like to share how did i do that.

  1. go to Applications – Add/Remove
  2. search : compiz show : all available applications
  3. check on Advanced Desktop Effects Settings
  4. click apply and wait until it’s finished and then close it
  5. go to System – Preferences – Advanced Desktop Effects Settings — to set the compiz
  6. go to Application – Accesories – Terminal
  7. type : sudo gedit /etc/apt/source.list
  8. go to the end of file and add these two lines
  9. deb feisty eyecandy
  10. deb-src feisty eyecandy
  11. save it and close it ( file – save and file – quit )
  12. type : wget -O- | sudo apt-key add –
  13. sudo apt-get update
  14. sudo apt-get install kiba-dock
  15. sudo apt-get install kiba-plugins
  16. sudo apt-get install kiba-dock-dev
  17. go to Applications – Accessories – kiba-setting to set kiba-dock
  18. go to Applications – Accessories – kiba-dock to activate it

If you want to load compiz and kiba-dock during start-up, then you have to put them in the session

  • go to System – Preferences – Sessions
  • click Add button
  • name : compiz (adjustable)
  • command : compiz
  • comment : (up to you)
  • click OK button
  • click Add button again
  • name : kiba-dock (adjustable)
  • command : kiba-dock
  • comment : (up to you)
  • Click OK button
  • you will see both of them in the session and checked

Addition :

If you do not want to use kiba-dock, you can use Avant Window Navigator, for getting AWN, you should go to then, you have to download and execute below files sequentially;

  • libawn-bzr
  • phyton-libawn-bzr
  • awn-core-applets-bzr
  • avant-window-navigator-bzr

After that go to System – Preferences – Awn Manager to set it up.

Happy docking !!



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