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In continuing my war with my friend ( edubuntuGG vs pclos2007 ), i spent some time of mine to knock him down. And i did it ( for this time……seems like this war will never end….heheheh )

Ohya…let me tell some about him, he was installed pclos some times ago and while the rest of teachers here moved to edubuntu, he sticked on his pclos. I honourly salute him since he was not from IT background and struggled alone in using pclos by himself. His pclos desktop had been crashed and burnt so many times because of the compiz setting and he kept on it………good job my pclos ranger……..

Back to play more with compiz, actually i just added some additional effects which couldn’t be found in basic compiz installation.I am succeed on fireflies, snow, cube snow globe, cube atlantis, 3d windows, autumn, failed on stars, freewins, anaglyph. Not yet : screensaver, freewins, wallpaper, tile and photowheel.

firstly, you have to install some additional packages, open terminal and

sudo apt-get install compiz-bcop compiz-dev build-essential libxcomposite-dev libpng12-dev libsm-dev libxrandr-dev libxdamage-dev libxinerama-dev libstartup-notification0-dev libgconf2-dev librsvg2-dev libdbus-1-dev libdbus-glib-1-dev libgnome-desktop-dev x11proto-scrnsaver-dev libxss-dev libxslt1-dev libtool libgnome-window-settings-dev gitweb curl autoconf automake automake1.9 libtool intltool libxslt1-dev xsltproc

next, create a compiz folder –> sudo mkdir -p ~/compiz/

then get the packages for additional effects, ( all files will be on /tmp )

wget -O /tmp/3d.tar.gz ';a=snapshot;h=db3c51d6c5c0df268fc1ec29a4264ef3d21dbbb3'
wget -O /tmp/atlantis2.tar.gz ';a=snapshot;h=fb6507c40216b13be567bd3d9501b5c598e084cd;sf=tgz'
wget -O /tmp/snow.tar.gz ';a=snapshot;h=01d0ff6ec71dae4699bc990e0114569c8ad4e083'
wget -O /tmp/stars.tar.gz ''
wget -O /tmp/atlantis.tar.gz ';a=snapshot;h=a47d7151444faccd66ea5cb884673cdebe5d7dff'
wget -O /tmp/screensaver.tar.gz ';a=snapshot;h=6565001eb389fb0d18cfead6030054cc8edc6c5f'
wget -O /tmp/anaglyph.tar.gz ''
wget -O /tmp/wallpaper.tar.gz ';a=snapshot;h=c2d19686e46ae171b6a0c04da9de1adbd74ae8be'
wget -O /tmp/tile.tar.gz ';a=snapshot;h=550c91fa188efd39c9cea43f894b45716b5cc6d5'
wget -O /tmp/freewins.tar.gz ''
wget -O /tmp/fireflies.tar.gz ''
wget -O /tmp/photowheel-0.6.tar.gz ';a=snapshot;h=41d8090b55b629f72bef55d785beaf468f31662f'
wget -O /tmp/snowglobe.tar.gz ';a=snapshot;h=e8fd620a199016fa17c69bc0da75c9ea3f473776;sf=tgz'

Example : i want to install snow, then i have to do

  1. open terminal
  2. type : sudo tar -xf ‘/tmp/snow.tar.gz’ -C ~/compiz/
  3. type : cd ~/compiz/snow
  4. type : sudo make
  5. type : sudo make install
  6. done, open compiz setting manager and activate the snow effect

Repeat above steps for each effect that you want to install.

to remove effect ( go to the folder first ) : sudo make uninstall

Hotkeys :
fireflies = set to F12
snow = super+F3
autumn = super+F11
cube snow globe will play when you do cube rotate
3d windows = set the bevel and see the effect on cube rotate
cube atlantis = set the fishes and see those fishes during rotate cube

well…….that’s all, if you want the detail, please click here!



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