Play with compiz

I made this article, based on my funny experience which i had installed compiz but i don’t have any idea how to play the effects. I am using HP Presario M2258 ( Intel Centrino 1.73GHz, 512MB RAM, Intel Mobile 915GMdisplay adapter )

In dealing with compiz, we have to

  1. Have a computer with Linux installed ( i used Edubuntu )
  2. install the compiz : sudo apt-get install compiz
  3. be creative !! ( i missed this before….. )

Next : go to System – Preferences – Advanced Desktop Effect Setting
from terminal, type : ccsm

The compiz setup windows will appear and you can activate or de-activate any effect based on your desire.

Tips :
always activate resize windows
beware of opacify ( i turned this off )
Super button = the button which has windows logo

Here is some clues :

Desktop cube : add the workspace to 4 and activate 3d cube, then set the opacity as you wish which can be found on transparent cube tab
Rotate Cube : Activate this and set some perimeters ( speed, zoom, timestep, etc )
Activate animation and set the effect for each windows behaviour
activate wobbly window
activate cube caps and set the picture for top and bottom of the cap
activate expo and see the result by pressing Super+E

play on effects : ( activate the related effect first )
Paint fire on screen : on = Shift+Super+button1, off = shift+super+c
Water Effect : shift+F9
Shift switcher : super+tab ( turn off ring switcher first )
Ring switcher : super+tab ( turn off shift switcher first )
3d rotate desktop : Ctrl+Alt+Button1+move or Ctrl+Alt+Drag the mouse

Last thing : after you activated an effect, please find the action key, it usually under the actions tab under the binding menu ( i missed this before, and i found this out after my friends came to me and show me his PCLOS compiz……..he declared a war….i have to fight back…….now we still have it )



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