Some things to :

Add some themes from the HH repo :
sudo apt-get install tropic-gdm-theme tropic-look tropic-session-splashes tropic-theme tropic-wallpapers blubuntu-gdm-theme blubuntu-look blubuntu-session-splashes blubuntu-theme blubuntu-wallpapers peace-gdm-theme peace-look peace-session-splashes peace-theme peace-wallpapers

type that from terminal……

Offline Windows Fonts installation

  1. Download msttcorefonts-offline from here
  2. Open Terminal, run : sudo dpkg -i msttcorefonts-offline_1.0-0ubuntu1_all.deb
  3. then sudo apt-get install msttcorefonts

Adding fonts to your Linux

  1. search the fonts in the internet and download them
  2. extract the font into a folder
  3. from terminal, copy that folder to /usr/share/fonts
  4. restart your OO….you will have new font(s)

Mounting a samba shared folder

  1. Open terminal : sudo mkdir /media/y
  2. then : sudo mount -t smbfs //computername/foldername /media/y -o username=username
  3. You will be asked for that folder password
  4. Now you have drive Y
  5. To unmount : sudo umount /media/y



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