Mass rename and mass resize using gThumb

Sometimes we will feel reluctant if we want to rename so many files. But actually, it can be done once for many files at the same time. I was tried it by using gThumb

First, of course we have to install gThumb
Open terminal then type sudo apt-get install gthumb

Next, open gThumb and go to the folder which we will work for
The left panel will be the tree panel and the right panel will contains the files from a folder
After we meet the folder, choose some/all pictures which we want to rename from right panel
do right click, then choose rename, below dialog will appear then you can rename them up ( don’t forget to click rename button )

Then, in order to do mass resize,
Go to Tools – Scale Images ( below box will appears )

Beside those two, we also can do mass rotate and mass convert by using gThumb



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